We’ve all worked with really talented people we thought would never leave the company – not because they didn’t want to leave – some do. But we think that they won’t ever leave because we’ve seen their resumes and they sell themselves short and they probably wouldn’t get hired.

Some job seekers do not want to overstate their accomplishments or qualifications or seem boastful, so they paint a picture to prospective employers that they are not as amazing at their job as they really are.

Instead of being one of those people who’s afraid of change, you can use power words in your resume to take ownership of the many successes you’ve had at your past jobs. It’s not like you’re lying on your resume – far from it – you’re just highlighting (in a profound way) your accomplishments in order for them to sound more appealing to the reader.

It’s time to stop taking the backseat to your insecurities and fix your resume so that you can take your career to that next level.

One way is to use more descriptive words when describing your past accomplishments. Instead of saying on your resume, “I organized the file cabinet.”, say something like, “Devised a system of organization which led to increased worker awareness, reduced downtime and saved XYZ Company over $200,000 a year.” Both sentences are true, but the revised one really showcases what you did, how it benefited the company and the employees. Plus, it just sounds more impressive!

It’s also very important to use quantifiable statements and numbers about the contributions you made at your previous employers. These statements lend an air of credibility to your resume and give the HR Manager a glimpse into what types of budgets, figures and time frames you’re capable of succeeding with. These statements could involve how your job efforts:
■increased revenue for the 3Q by XXX dollars or percentage
■helped the company reduce costs and saved them XX dollars as a result of improved processes
■trained XX employees in a new programming language, which resulted in the company saving XX dollars, improved customer service, etc…

But, how can adding power words and quantifiable statements on your resume contribute to your job search?

It’s not just about showing how you saved the company money, improved processes, or trained new employees. It’s about putting value in yourself as an employee and showcasing what you’ve done in a way that allows HR Managers to quickly see how you could benefit their company.

If you want to improve your resumes vocabulary, go to www.thesaurus.com and spice up your resume with stronger words. Just be sure not to overdo it. You want to sound professional, not like you just tossed in some “2-dollar” words to sound smart.

Your goal is to sell yourself –and your resume is your best tool for making sure you succeed in your job search.

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Using power words on your resume is essential if you’re looking to stand out above the competition!

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